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mosaic tile birdbath using recycled dvds, crafts, gardening, repurposing upcycling, Covering all that work was a little scary to say the least I wasn t sure if I was using the right product and whether all that color that I loved so much would be ruined Thankfully it turned out even prettier than I imagined

Mosaic tile birdbath using recycled DVDs

rojects Mosaic Tile Birdbath using Recycled DVDs.would love to see the while thing done as a mosaic, but the result is still striking!

mosaic birdbath- this page has a lot of info on how to mosaic.

Instead of making a paper mache bird bath that will eventually end up in the trash, how about tiling a bird bath for a community garden? How to mosaic tile a cement bird bath.

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Mosaiced bricks, old and new bricks, salvaged tiles from old water feature and mosaiced floor tiles.

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not a mosaic pathway, but I'm looking for an idea that would hold succulents, be decorative and fit into a mosaic and maze garden, humm this might work plus I could use some of the chipped but beautiful pottery I have.

Make a romantic mosaic...  I have some broken Denby plates i don't want to throw away, this will be a perfect use for them!

*Make a Beautiful Letter or Number Mosaic - This is a very easy project, even if you have not done mosaic before. Use a pretty old plate that is chipped or cracked. I love the idea of using old plates.

Look closely at this mosaic birdbath: thats two terracotta pots and two terracotta pot saucers, one of which is really large.

Go to this site and see a whole lot of ideas for terra cotta pot bird bath! Really pretty! Love this mosaic birdbath!

Mosaic Birdbath | Flickr - Photo Sharing!:

With the holiday period on our doorstep it& a great time to undertake a larger sized mosaic project. Mosaic Birdbath’s are a very popular project because you g