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Dogs diving Underwater

haha so funny! dogs jumping into water chasing a ball action shot!now all I need is an underwater camera.


boyslut: “Need to see the northern lights wah ”

Bryde's whales (pronounced: ˈbruːdə, brew-də) are baleen whales, the "great whales" or rorquals. They inhabit tropical and subtropical waters worldwide. Bryde's whales are considered medium-sized for balaenopterids, dark gray in color with a white underbelly.

Feeding time: No escape for dozens of sardines as they are swallowed up by a Bryde whale off Baja, California. Bryde's whales are a type of baleen whale that feed on small fish and krill.photography at its best. I love nature!

Perfectly Timed Photos That Will Blow You Away - Likes

Best photos of the London Olympics - The full moon rises through the Olympic Rings hanging beneath Tower Bridge during the London 2012 Olympic Games August (REUTERS/Luke MacGregor)

Svjetlana Tepavcevic | Means of Reproduction

series of seed photos, called Means of Reproduction by Svjetlana Tepavcevic

Changbai Mountain range spreads over a few provinces. It is considered a birthplace of the founders of the Qing dynasty and it’s the largest settlement of the Manchurian tiger – species on the brink of extinction. The majestic Heavenly Pool is located in the Jilin Province and it’s the deepest crater lake in China. Enclosed by 16 peaks, it is a famous spot for ‘winter swimming’ – even in summer water temperature doesn’t exceed 7 degrees Celsius!

Heaven Lake is the most famous scenic spot on Changbaishan.