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lol...volleyball humor  #volleyball #sportquotes #volleyballquotes HAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH by kimberley

volleyball humor HAHA I have one really mean girl on my team I can't believe she doesn't have a headache alll the time

Ms.Stokes -_-^^^^^ One time this kid in my 5th grade class made a joke when we were supposed to be quiet and the teacher looks at me and is like did u do that and I'm like me? And this one guy was like she would never do that and I look at him like he was my hero -Shahreena

Yep me: I wasn't even talking/ Teacher : Your mouth was moving

I wish people talked about me like that but I'm only 5'6" but I'm still growing so it could be me.

Lol every volleyball team has that really tall girl and then the libero is usually the shortest lol

Lolz. Ya i guess so but when playing the game it doesnt feel like that game https://www.fanprint.com/licenses/air-force-falcons?ref=5750

Me and my bro used to call the "don't let the balloon touch the floor game" the "volleyballoon"