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Insulated foam box for attic drop down stairs

Watch this video for an inexpensive, DIY way to insulate fold down attic stairs using foam board to make your home more energy efficient.

Measuring width for insulating foam box

How to Insulate Attic Drop Down Access Stairs

This could work for anything and instead of making your own wooden boxes, you could use baskets or ....

Building a basement storage solution Could use for contained dry goods or "on hand" veggies to use up.if bins are sealed properly you could do small scale sand root storage?

Measuring the height of the stairs in the attic

Attic Flooring - You can easily transform your attic by remodeling its floor using joists to create a safe and stable flooring system

Add storage space to your laundry room without taking up floor space. These pedestals support your washer and dryer, and have big built-in drawers that will swallow up lots of laundry supplies. The pedestals are sturdy, and not at all tough to build. These instructions show how to build a pair. Get the free DIY plans at buildsomething.com

Basement Laundry Room - Traditionally, washers as well as clothes dryers were situated in the basement.

Amazing Rustic Cabin Man Cave Built in Basement for $107 | Off Grid World

This guy turned his basement into a cabin man cave! See the entire transformation and make your own basement man cave.

Figure D shows how to insulate the attic and crawlspace in your house.

How to Insulate a House

Rénovation : comment isoler toiture et cave. how to insulate the attic and crawlspace in your house.

Although roof venting is an often-debated topic, Joseph Lstiburek says that the common approach -- a vented attic with insulation placed on an air-sealed attic floor -- is one of the most underappreciated assemblies in building science. To create a properly vented attic, Lstiburek outlines five steps: Seal the attic floor completely; bulk up the insulation above the top plate; vent the soffit continuously; provide plenty of airspace; and slightly pressurize the attic. Lstiburek also offers…

using recessed rigid foam board insulation to leave rafters exposed. The furring strips would be wooden strips to allow for the interior paneling to be attached securely, while also leaving the beams exposed

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LuciGold Premier All Aluminum Standard & Custom Basement Designed Bulkhead Doors, Utility Hatches, Custom Deck Hatches & Window Wells.

Empty Attic with Insulation on Roof - Cavan Images/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Converting Your Attic? Know Your Code First

How to assess an attic to determine if it is suitable for safe and secure storage needs.