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Stay healthy on an airplane! Read about how to avoid germs when you fly! Visit www.theeducationaltourist.com for tips on traveling with the kids.

Airplanes and Germs: Healthy Flying Tip: Does airplane air recirculate Where is the germiest place on the plane? Tips on how to stay healthy!

Re-pinned by GottaTinkle! Female Urination Device.  GottaTinkle! is great for women and children.  It is an easy to use, re-usable, hand-held female urination device that gives women and girls the ability to pee while standing up. It uses disposable resealable bags which collect the urine. Unlike funnels urine does not touch the device (no need to clean or sanitize the device after each use). www.gottatinkle.com

How Dirty Are Public Restrooms? You cannot avoid public restrooms so its best to know how to remain germ free even after using one.

Questions to spark creative thought for kids

15 Questions to Spark Creative Thought

Questions to spark creative thought for kids. creativity is the most important thing a kid can utilize.

Kitchen Pantry Scientist  fizzy balloons  magic potion  alien monster eggs  magic marker chromatography  red cabagge litmus paper  cornstarch goo  marshmallow catapults  petri plates  tie die milk  sugar-water gradients  mentos geyser  nasa soda straw rockets  carbon dioxide experiment  pop rockets

The Kitchen Pantry Scientist shows her homemade science lab - great kit for Brownies working on the Home Scientist badge

An Eye for Magritte. Trace a CD and draw an eye filled with whatever you "see". Art Projects for Kids. #magritte

An Eye for Magritte

Art Projects for Kids: An Eye for Magritte. Loading Animation What did the character see? Draw the scene in the center of the eye.directions given

DIY Young Inventors Kit

Make a Young Inventor's Kit - for my biggest kid who wants to be an Inventor when he grows up :-) cool handmade christmas or birthday gift item for children who want to grow up to be mad scientists,

alphabet sewing card printables

alphabet sewing card printables - the handmade homethe handmade home

Larger image for Nail Cross Necklace Craft Kit (makes 36)

Another pinner said: Bible, Christian and Religious Sunday School Art and Craft Ideas for Kids