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Watch Racist Texas Politician Refer to Black Children as ‘Coonass’

This is another hilarious funny picture from the house of funny. Click the picture to see even more funny stuff! Picture 45 of 51 from gallery

OBAMA CARTOONS: Conservative Political Humor: Obama don't always follow The Constitution!

the supreme courts decision today was a joke. Obamacare us unconstitutional but they upheld it because is can be characterized as a tax, what Obama SPECIFICALLY said it was not.


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SOOOO going in my future parenting handbook. This made me actually lol

"I pooped in the shower and daddy had to clean it up. I hereby sign this as permission to use in my yearbook senior year" These parents who are planning for the future.

The White House, Washington Dc, United States I toured the White House before tours were stopped. I'm so glad I had the opportunity.

The White House, Washington Dc, United States. I went to the White House and met the President. Just kidding he thought I needed to comb it. Kidding again. But I did see the White House!

Totes Magotes. this commercial gets me every time.

I love this commercial because James Earl Jones (Darth Vader) says totes mcgotes. Just imagine Darth Vader saying totes mcgotes." And Vader just says "totes mcgotes." I'm cracking myself up at this

Guess what day it is?!  HUMP DAAY!

Guess what day it is…

Uh Oh Guess What Day It Is quotes quote days of the week wednesday humpday hump day camel wednesday quotes camels

I dont know why I laughed so hard when I saw this but i thought it was hilarious!

Come at me 2012…

Bring It! I don't know who Justin Bieber is, but I'm glad I survived her! i survived countless reposts come at me bro


Hockey Memes on

Maybe he left his wife for the Breathe Right strips

Funny pictures about Extra bad snoring. Oh, and cool pics about Extra bad snoring. Also, Extra bad snoring.

can't believe he's actually made it this far :/...really can't stand  his UN-American ass..needs to go back home over seas and quit bringing his family over here for free..if he misses them so much GO THE FUCK HOME!!!

it's Bush's fault.I don't think so idiot!the worst president EVER cannot be responsible for anything, "he knows nothing"!