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Watch Racist Texas Politician Refer to Black Children as ‘Coonass’

This is another hilarious funny picture from the house of funny. Click the picture to see even more funny stuff! Picture 45 of 51 from gallery

Powerful #IfTheyGunnedMeDown Shows How Black Men Like Mike Brown Are Portrayed in the Media

Blacks will always be portrayed in a negative sense, fuck what you think it's the truth.

Editorial cartoon by Gary Varvel found on theweek.com on Tuesday, May 17, 2016 / Shellshocked.

Donald Trump v. Paul Ryan: Cartoons that cut to the heart of the Republican Party fight - The Washington Post

Live Clinton Arrest Fox News Alert: Black FBI Suburbans With Sirens in Front of Hillary DC House!! (7AM EST) (Video) | Opinion - Conservative

King of Shambhala also see here for me…. I belong to an old Norwegian aristocratic ROYAL family including Count Tolstoy, Henrik Ibsen, Papal and Royal Chamberlains, many Members of the Royal Household, barons and counts.


it's Bush's fault.I don't think so idiot!the worst president EVER cannot be responsible for anything, "he knows nothing"!

Tax cuts (MORE tax cuts) for the wealthy, but screw the elderly and disabled - that's Paul Ryan's plan.

Corrupt of the Repukkkes Stealing Seniors Earned Social Security/Medicare Benefits!