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12439316_618902108266801_667320050721446828_n.jpg (500×282)

I once dropped a baby chicken at a state fair and they just quietly brought it into the back and brought out a new one.

Well that's okay, Albus and Severus weren't the bravest men Harry knew either

Carly does.....he just never was on it untill the last episode when he took carly ending the tv show D:

Not a teenage post but whatever lol it's funny--- But on the last episode, Carly's dad came

I can't believe their parents were in that fandom

No, Orion, you can`t play with jacob. (The name Orion is actually Transformers prime inspired I felt like you guys should know.

f. @мσиєувαggѕ fσя мσяє вσмвα$$ ριиѕ

f. @мσиєувαggѕ fσя мσяє вσмвα$$ ριиѕ

Helens, Oregon, US posted a whisper, which reads "My daughter wore her Scooby Doo costume to the store and an older woman said she would be much prettier as a princess. My daughter barked at her.