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"I Mean, If It Works." -- My gosh this mashup, I can't! Legend of Korra, meet Patrick Star

Okay, I found this much more amusing than it should have been! XD

Hahahaha This is really stupid, but it made me laugh. Anything involving Sokka makes me laugh. I love him!

I would save my pennies for an x-box just for this!!!!

These games should exist…

If they came out with a The Last Airbender game for Kinect, I woud buy an Xbox just to play it.

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i suffer when fictional characters embarrass themselves hello zuko here😂

Did the house break up with you? | Avatar | A mystery greater than what happened to Zuko's mom...

Wait, What Is He Doing?

This is amazing! Avatar the last air bender animation error, so funny, I hope the pole didn't hurt the guy's feelings.