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War is hell, and tragedy, and terrible, terrible posters.

Yay, look what Santa brought us!!  Guns for everyone!!

Sears catalogue, now we have guns for the whole family, time to go shoot something

US propaganda poster stressing the importance of car pooling to saving fuel and, by extension, helping the war effort.

WWII propaganda poster that still holds true about car pooling

WWII ad - This is an old ad during WWII which encouraged carpooling. First, there is a black and white fallacy, essentially saying you are either in support of the US or you are not. Basically, support the US and carpool, or join Hitler.

Thanks Obama

Many — but not all — Americans blame President Obama for rising gas prices. John Cole and Joe Heller think it's all about the power of perception.

Keep 'em Firing!  US.  General Motors Corporation.  Oldsmobile Division. c. 1942.

"Keep Tools In Shape To Keep'em Firing!" ~ WWII propaganda poster, ca.

Risultati immagini per venereal disease posters ww2

Risultati immagini per venereal disease posters ww2

I can't believe there was a poster like this in the first place but throwing in Hitler's name..wow

"If You're Givin' It Up, You're Going Steady with Hitler! Stay Pure- Save It For Marriage - A Reminder for the Coalition for Abstinence Education" ~ WWII era propaganda poster.

Seriously Disturbing Vintage Advertisements • Page 38 of 131 • FRANK151

"For young or old, candy provides quick energy. Buy some next time you shop. Candy is delicious energy food - Enjoy some every day! KIDS NEED THE ENERGY CANDY GIVES. Here's why smart mothers buy candy in cellophane.

Daryl Dixon - Norman Reedus & Rick Grimes- Andrew Lincoln, The Walking Dead

cube morphine, pop it in your coffee, 1902 ( vintage medicine / pharmaceutical / retro advertisement / funny ).where can we get a time machine.

Amusing American WWII propaganda poster depicting a caricature of Hitler being bowled over by an American truck with the phrase: "Knock the 'Heil' out of Hitler"

Knock the 'Heil' out of Hitler: Let's Keep 'em Pulling for Victory. This WWII poster shows Adolph Hitler being knocked off of his feet by a GMC truck. This Knock the 'Heil' out of Hitler poster was us

Japanese War Criminals (Hideki Tojo (right) and Shotatsu Kimura) - U797536ACME - Rights Managed - Stock Photo - Corbis. May 09, 1946

Japanese premier Tojo seen here with a political friend, Shotatsu Kimura, during his trial for war crimes in Tojo was eventually hanged. Kimura died shortly after this photo was taken.