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Fanta Jack O' Lantern Floats - how fun are these for Halloween?!

Fanta Jack O’Lantern Floats

These Fanta Jack-O'-Lantern Floats are a spooky fun treat! Made with Fanta Orange soda and vanilla ice cream, they're sure to impress your Halloween guests!

15 really easy Pinterest Halloween decoration ideas to try this year

15 Halloween decoration ideas you need to try

Fang Napkin Holders Use plastic vampire fangs as napkin rings: Just roll up a cloth napkin and insert it between the top and bottom chompers.

Hallo-Wicked-Ween: 9 Incredible Halloween Cookies | Wckedwords

Hallo-Wicked-Ween: 9 Incredible Halloween Cookies

These Halloween cookies are part of a collaboration with my fellow Tastemade network partner, Angela of The Squishy Monster. Angela thought it would be cute to incorporate Jack Skellington into our project, so I put his face on a pumpkin!

Decorate for Halloween with Jack-o-lantern faces! Cut from professional-quality adhesive vinyl in your choice of color. If no color is chosen.

These faces were posted as Halloween faces but could be modified to create funny faces on small balloon balloon animals too

Jack-o-lantern & Skeleton Macarons

Tricks & Treats: Halloween Macarons & Spooky Sprinkled Oreos