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Hipster Pocahontas: Check out Pocahontas and more fashionable Disney princess with hipster flair. Illustration by Victoria Ridzel

Hipster Pocahontas

This artist created Adventure Time-themed Disney princess art. This is definitely what the ladies would look like if they were on the animated Cartoon Network

based on historical disney princess dresses

These are based off of Shoomlah's beautiful designs. It's the 10 main Disney Princesses (from the official line-up) dressed in dresses that are more historically accurate to their time lines!

Pocahontas fanart

Colors of the Wind by Athena-chan My favorite Disney couple! Pocahontas and John Smith

Found on missmikopete.deviantart.com via Tumblr

Royal Jewels: POCAHONTAS by ~MissMikopete on deviantART "hmmm - did you know Andrew T. is related to Pocahontas - she is in his family tree" - she was a real person - yes indeed!

"Colors of the Wind" by William Silvers - for sale at artinsights.com

My favorite movie growing up.Pocahontas Colors of the Wind Disney Canvas Giclee Print - Acme Archives - Pocahontas - Giclees at Entertainment Earth