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(Legend of Zelda AU - Zelda X Ganondorf)-----> I don't ship it but this is adorable!<<<I don't ship either but Ye I agree dis v cute

This...is the story about 2 brothers who love the same person

is the story about 2 siblings who love the same person


I hate titling things. Still playing with versions of Ganondorf, this time I tried to draw Nabooru too.Perhaps he’s at an age betw. More Ganondorf plus Nabooru

Sakimichan Deviantart, Legend Of Zelda, Wicked

Zelda Kiss colored by NarutoxHinatafan

So here's the orginal lineart found on da [link] its also from the legend of zelda ocarina of time manga! xD I was bored and decided to color a lineart!