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1 Dec 1779: As #RevWar winds down its 4th year, Gen  Washington & the Continental Army settle into a 2nd and harsh season at Morristown, NJ

1 Dec As winds down its year, Gen Washington & the Continental Army settle into a and harsh season at Morristown, NJ

On November 16, 1776, Fort Washington was attacked by the British. John Corbin, an artilleryman, was in charge of firing a small cannon at the top of a ridge. During an assault by the Hessians, John was killed, leaving his cannon unmanned. His wife Margaret, after witnessing his death, immediately took his place at the cannon. She fired away until her arm, chest, and jaw were hit by enemy fire. The British won the Battle, and Margret, was treated as a wounded soldier & paroled.

Fort Washington was attacked by the British on November John Corbin…

George Washington, the first President under the Constitution as drafted in 1787 [Previous Presidents served under the Articles of Confederation and prior to that under the Articles of Association]

The white mythology of George Washington

George Washington (February 1732 - December Was an American Founding Father and the first President of the United States. He took office April 1789 And left office March 1797 After serving two terms as President

3 Feb 1781 Trading Ford NC Gen Nathanael Greene & his men cross the Yadkin River to evade pursuit by British Gen Charles Cornwallis

17 - Battle of Cowpens - 'The royal army was again stopped by a sudden rise of the waters.almost miraculously'

Battle of King's Mountain, MAJ Patrick Ferguson, British Army, mortally wounded by Patriot mountain men militia. The Patriots defeated the Regulars and Loyalist militia in a battle that turned the tide in the South and the Revolution.

This is the battle of Kings Mountain. This is where groups used guerilla warfare. Carolina patriots knew the land better than the British, which gave them an advantage. Turning point of the war in the south, and major patriot victory.

Battle of Long Island

Battle of Long Island , August The scene depicts Captain Samuel Smith leading what remains of his company of Marylanders into the Gowanus marsh along the South side of the millpond to escape the overwhelming British onslaught. By Don Troiani

Battle of Cowpens SC Brig Gen Daniel Morgan and a mixed Patriot force rout British Lt Colonel Banastre Tarleton and his forces.

William Augustine Washington at the Battle of Cowpens - drawn and engraved for Graham's Magazine by S.