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This is Part 5 of my Iron Man helmet, and Part 2 of the suit electronics. Fitting the wireless receiver into the helmet and wiring in the light up eyes and m.

Was his resume deemed unworthy by Stark Industries human resource department? Were his innovations and blueprints stolen by Tony Stark himself? Was he fired for using an iPhone... http://www.gadgetreview.com/2013/01/iron-man-gauntlet-fires-real-lasers.html

Patrick Priebe created the laser rifle that can surely serve as one heck of a tool for pointing things in a PowerPoint presentation.

How to Make Iron Man Helmet, Guide For Noobs, Iron Man Chest Piece, Iron Man Armor, Mark 42

How To Make Iron Man Helmet, Armor, and Chest Piece Complete Guide for Noobs

This papercraft is a Mark 42 (Mark XLII) Helmet, one part of the Iron Man Mark 42 Suit Armor, the paper model is created by fgkz. There are also other two

This papercraft is a Mark 42 (Mark XLII) Helmet, one part of the Iron Man Mark 42 Suit Armor, the paper model is created by fgkz.

Iron Man inspired Repulsor Beam ---> http://www.instructables.com/id/Iron-Man-Inspired-Repulsor-Beam-Blaster-V10/?ALLSTEPS

Iron Man Inspired Repulsor Beam Blaster V1.0

I think this is the biggest project I’ve done yet. My favourite movie is the Iron Man and I wanted to get an Iron Man helmet, but I’m a student and I couldn’t afford it. Then I decided to make one. Now I’ve done and I really like this helmet. I’m happy that I didn’t buy one.

How to Make a Lifesize, Wearable Iron Man Helmet

DIY: Iron Man Suit (15) | Fun Portion

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DIY Iron Man helmet with motorized faceplate

Iron Man Helmet Motorised faceplate mechanism This page is about the motorised faceplate, check out the main project index for the rest. Here’s some information on how I motorised my Iron Man…

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How to make your own, very authentic Nuka Cola caps from the Fallout series!

This is my guide to make Nuka Cola caps. I've been experimenting with different ways and I think this is the best so far. How to make Nuka Cola caps