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(Ahnold t'inking): "I dawn like dah shape of dat Bush man's bootox! It is flabby, unt unshapely like a gewlee mon! He needs to doo maw of dah squats to beeld up unt de-valope heez glutes!"

With all the paparazzi and red carpets, celebrities are constantly photographed. These are the 25 funniest celebrity photobombs!

And get angry when I have to finally bend over and pick the damn thing up anyway!!

Picking up this tiny piece of paper would take 2 seconds, but instead, I'm gonna run it over 100 times with my vacuum at different angles.

Самые глупые законы в мире  Перед Законом все должны быть равны. Закон — это способ регулирования жизни общества. Но всегда ли Закон имеет столько смысла, сколько в него вложено? Статья: http://vipavia.livejournal.com/24282.html

(I really try to balance the Left and Right on this board, but the Bush presidency yielded such classic material, it's hard not to wallpaper the ridiculousness all over the place)

Ben-Hur, Romans, Jews, Charlton Heston

Ben-Hur, Romans, Jews, Charlton Heston