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Ready for shark week!!!

The Shark Manicure - Nail Art Trend - Shark Nails - Body & Beauty

Tutorial: Shark Week Nail Art - College Fashion

Tutorial: Shark Week Nail Art

The ultimate Shark Week nail art tutorial. Learn how to do Shark Week nails here! Features: Shark fin, tail, teeth, and water waves.

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Beachy Nail Design with Sharks.

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20 Shark Manicures You Can Sink Your Teeth Into - Visit to grab an amazing super hero shirt now on sale!

Shark Week Pedi  http://sweetdanib.com/2012/08/shark-week-round-up/

Shark Week Pedi http://sweetdanib.com/2012/08/shark-week-round-up/

Shark Week! for more findings pls visit www.pinterest.com/escherpescarves/

Oh my gosh, it's Shark Week on Discovery Channel . You know what that means, oh yes, shark nails!

Use tape to do a french manicure

French tips using scotch tape. I have done it with circle stickers but this might be nice for straight cut nails. This person wore the base coat for a day or two and then did the french tips to extend out her manicure.

Pre-Shark Week Manicures: What We've Been Waiting For : Lucky Magazine

Next years shark week! Laura's mani is very creative too—Jaws on one nail, a few shark fins and some sharp teeth adds a nice finishing touch.

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