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Papier maché is a tried and true method for creating animal statuettes, although the key is to first find a flexible foundation. One easy way to start is by using balloons. You can twist or tape them together to form any kind of creature your imagination desires, and then use the papier maché to make them permanent. This process is...

How to Make Paper Mache Animals

Many cavity-dwelling birds love to nest in gourds. They're safer for nestlings than birdhouses with a ledge or porch, and a variety of bird species inhabit them. Lots of people paint gourds white to attract birds and keep nestlings cool on hot days; others paint them decoratively and elaborately. If you want to paint or otherwise preserve a gourd,...

How to Prepare a Gourd for Painting

How to make a fluffy rag rug. If you have old towels or t-shirts you can make your own fluffy rag rug. Make your rug out of old towels for an absorbent bathmat or out of old t-shirts or other scrap material for a unique throw rug.

Ok, sounds pretty boring, but watering without drowning your container garden plants is one of the keys to a successful container garden.

Don't Drown Those Precious Plants in Your Container Garden!

Why You Should Be Topdressing Your Lawn / ideas for this fall: overseed after aerating and then add compost to top of lawn.

Etsy Finds: The Aldas Project

The Aldas Project :: philanthropic daily art project by Kristy Modarelli :: create an original drawing every day for a year to raise money for non-profit organizations

Candlemaking: How To Decoupage A Candle

50 Funny Costume Ideas- Easy to Make; Links to Unique and Weird, Adult, Last Minute, Easy, and Homemade Costume Ideas halloween-fun

How to Fix a zipper and bring new life to your backpack « Fashion

How to Fix a zipper and bring new life to your backpack