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Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

Build Your Own Ice Cream Sandwich

Coolhaus! Ice cream sandwich shop in Culver City and as a food truck. Can't wait to try

drive to Bretton Woods (NH) to git me a Coolhaus!

Well, this is one interestingly weird food mashup... Who would have ever thought of making a cookie recipe into a grilled cheese chocolate chip sandwich? While we think it's a bit strange, we could totally see how people might like this recipe for cookies.

A chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese sandwich? This is the definition of food porn: a chocolate chip cookie grilled cheese sandwich. Check out the recipe here, give it a try and tell us what you think!

The Donut Snob of Echo Park Los Angeles, CA  213-373-4898 orders@thedonutsnob.com Also available @: Cofax  440 N. Fairfax Ave  Los Angeles, CA. 90036  323-424-7485  Monday-Saturday  Food + Lab  7253 Santa Monica Blvd  West Hollywood, CA. 90046  323-851-7120  Monday-Saturday

The Donut Snob- caters for weddings :)

Bay Cities Italian Deli - Santa Monica, CA

Bay Cities Italian Deli

The Godmother Restaurant: Bay Cities Italian Deli, Los Angeles

Scoops Westside (my favorite) + RPA = the most delicious ice cream socials I could be a part of! #WhatIBring

Scoops Westside - Los Angeles Ice Cream shop with unusual flavors.

Five Baked Empanadas Places in Los Angeles

Oh, the empanada, that lovely pan-Latin hot pocket of goodness. Some argue the only true empanada is a fried empanada, while others argue that the best.

Sprinkle Liberally: My Version of MILK's French Macaron Ice Cream Sandwich (GF)

The Milkshop, 7290 Beverly Blvd, Los Angeles, California

The Choco Chicken is made from organic Jidori chicken soaked in a 36-hour brine, covered in a sweet chocolate coating, then marinated in chocolate, dredged in a flour sifted with chocolate, and finally seasoned with a total of 20 different spices. The restaurant uses 62% bittersweet chocolate from Coco Suisse, a local chocolate producer in Los Angeles. ChocoChicken combines fried chicken tastefully with cocoa powder and a super-thick savory chocolate sauce that's not incredibly different…

Choco Chicken - the umami guys now have a chicken restaurant on grand at

All the reasons why LA has the best donut scene in America

LA’s most delectable doughnut shops, mapped

All the reasons why LA has the best donut scene in America