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Specifically, he hates you because he is a black cat. My black cat hates all other living things(except his momma!

Luv cats - What more to say other than we just LOVE cool stuff!

Oh my gosh this is so from Riley on Girl meets World except purple cats

Hug your black cat. I have two little black ones they are so beautiful!

I have a black cat that I adore, named Scamper. I'm living in a rooming house right now that doesn't allow pets, so she's living with my mom. I'm very excited!

Charcoal Bengal - Brown/Black spotted charcoal bengal.

Nightfeather, she-cat, beautiful calm, somewhat dramatic StoneClan warrior. No mate or kits but likes Clayprick.

I love this chic and quirky kitchen with the blackboard, chalkboard writing

A chalkboard wall in your kitchen is a great place to write your grocery list or to share what is on the menu for dinner that night! I want a chalk board wall. Not sure where though.

Omg so cute but third picture, kitty on the right, looks exactly like my cat when he was a kitten..

This cat have special eyes

The guy before me saved this to dogs. This is definitely not a dog! It's a very cute cat< no it's a soot sprite

Oriental Shorthair black cat Usyaka is sitting on a box with her long front paws down

Oriental Shorthair black cat Usyaka is sitting on a box with her long front paws down. This is one beautiful cat!

9 pictures that prove cats hate bath...

Some Helpful Life Hack Tips, Let's Make Life Great Again!

Baby Animals more animal posts?

Yes! Everyone thinks they are bad luck and that is just a myth! People kill them as sacrifices and it just pains me to know that. I seriously want to punch anyone who hates black cats or just cats. Thanks for reading all that lol.