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For Intended Parents: Choosing the Right Surrogate

Surrogacy 101 - How To Choose Your Surrogate

Blog about IVF

Blog about IVF

Surrogacy 101 Infographic: Curious about surrogacy? Great! Here we break down the process with an easy to follow infograph.

Surrogacy 101 Infographic: Curious about surrogacy? Here we break down…

Surrogacy Blog #3: Why is there no etiquette guide for introducing your uterus to someone? Oregon, California and Colorado surrogacy.

Find a surrogate mother in Oregon USA. Northwest Surrogacy Center, LLC (NWSC) is the leading surrogacy center in the Pacific Northwest, creating families for diverse intended parents with responsible surrogates.

you can never go wrong with a nice maxi dress during pregnancy

Pink White Black Colorblock Maternity Maxi Dress

Pink White Navy Blue Colorblock Maternity Maxi Dress - obsessed with this dress! I would wear it even after baby is here- so stylish and on-trend!

surrogacy blog links.. JV

surrogacy blog links.. JV

Learn about the six pillars of #surrogacy on our new infographic!

The Pillars of Surrogacy

My Wife's carrying another man's baby....  Its okay.   She's a surrogate mother.  Lol...love this!

My Wife's carrying another man's baby. She's a surrogate mother.