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Today we’d like to show you how to build a cool way to store and display your gear. This idea... View Article

Tactical Gear Stand 04 by ITS Tactical, can easily be a DIY project. I made one for my kids hockey equipment with more options and it could be torn down and packed into his bag.

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Neat mounting option: War Belt/1st Line Picture Thread - Page 57 - AR15.COM

Nice use of the G-code RTI on the med-kit. A warbelt is a great get if you are looking for something to strap on quick that is already set up. Just make sure that you war belt doesn't ride up if you're running.

Secret gun holders

"New Jersey Concealment Furniture. The designers have created not just one or two pieces, but an entire range of furniture dedicated to concealed firearms storage." They're automatically cool because of the hidden compartments.

Auto-Ordinance Thompson Submachine Gun

Auto-Ordinance Thompson Submachine Gun, wouldnt mind one of these during the Apocalypse.

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My next build! Remington 870 combat build, Magpul You need the most you can get on the gun. And the Remington 870 is a perfect shotgun for the everyday, rugged use.