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overzealous clients who think they are designers

Hilarious Posters Poke Fun At Clients Who Think They're Designers

How Angry Birds Started or How Many Tries Are Behind the 2 Billion Download Game

How Angry Birds Started - Infographic

How WhatsApp Founder Went From Welfare To Billionaire

Too Poor To Succed? How WhatsApp Founder Jan Koum Went From Welfare to Billionaire source: The Rags-To-Riches Tale Of How Jan Koum Built WhatsApps, Forbes Magazine

Your Brain on Multitasking - but what has this culture done to our  brains, nervous systems and heart rates? What does it do to our productivity?

Digital stress and your brain [Infographic]

This is Your Brain on Multitasking [Infographic] - Number of times people switched windows: with access to email, 18 times without access to email. People who read email change screens twice as often; they're in a steady "high alert" state.

The Ultimate Graphic Design Survival Kit - UltraLinx

The Ultimate Graphic Design Survival Kit

This graphic design survival kit by New Media will show you how to make it in the crazy world of design. Some parts of the infographic are obviously satirical

Man cannot remake himself without suffering, for he is both the marble and the sculptor. - Alexis Carrel

"Man cannot remake himself without suffering for he is both the marble and the sculptor" - Alexis Carrel

Reasons to stay alive:

Reasons to stay alive ps no im not suicidal I just thought some of these reasons were cute like 7 & 33

Dashing Dish

Dashing Dish - An awesome website to find healthy alternatives to the food you crave! Site includes recipes, workouts, meal plans, and gives you the nutritional value for every recipe and even WW points!

How Much Money Do You Need To Start A Business? [Infographic] NextStep Hub | Bootstrapping and Lean Startup

Why bother beginning a startup, you may ask? Let's see exactly how much money companies started with.

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Typical White Girl on

Dylan Sprouse and Miley Cyrus dated for one day! "Nick Jonas walked by and then it was over!

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