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Bible ites: Meet new, exciting ites—now from the Bible! Israelites, Canaanites, Hittites, and more—the Bible is filled with ites! From Adam to Zacharias, the people of the Bible teach us powerful lessons.

Get to know people in the scriptures. Each "ite" teaches a lesson that will hep your family make good decisions. Each set includes 52 cards.

Object Lesson on the Holy Ghost using lifesavers. This is a fun LDS site that has FHE lessons, Sunday ideas... etc.

Holy Ghost Object Lesson - using Lifesavers! This is a fun LDS site that has FHE lessons, Sunday ideas.

Scripture cookies - look up each scripture to find the ingredients! Fun for FHE with kids, activity days.... so many possibilities!

Scripture cookies - you have to look in scriptures for ingredients. Great Visiting Teaching idea, families can make cookies for FHE.

Memorize Scripture {If you need something to work on, the blog I write for Meditations of His Love, is going through the book of 1 Peter this year memorizing it and the team has already written a great deal of posts inspired by 1 Peter to encourage and challenge you on your way! :D Take a look! -- http://meditationsofhislove.blogspot.com/p/his-word-in-our-hearts-challenge-2011-1.html}

Book of Mormon ABC's -- key words of favorite scriptures, one for each letter of the alphabet. Use to memorize scriptures and in family scripture study!

What causes us not to volunteer and how can we fix this?

Lack Of Motivation In The Church

I am not really comfortable around people especially people I don't know but I have been volunteering at church and getting involved is such a blessing. I am just so greatful for my church family and being able to volunteer and serve God

“Erase the Verse” Bible Memory Game. Large dry erase marker board with marker and eraser. This activity works best for confident readers.

This is another fun way to help a group of kids learn a Bible memory verse. It's called "Erase that Verse" and is certain to be a kid favorite.

How to help your child make integrity based choices - This months Powerful Word is Integrity!

How to help your child make integrity based choices - I would add to this, "would this be ok for someone else to do (your sister, brother, mom. This month's Powerful Word is Integrity!

12 Meaningful Gifts Perfect for LDS Homes on LDSLiving.com

12 Meaningful Gifts Perfect for LDS Homes

The Hardcover of the The Ites: An Illustrated Guide to the People of the Book of Mormon by David Butler, Ryan illus.