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I don't think or say this at all.  Usually I dont read the books before the movies. I usually read the books AFTER the movie comes out.

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Oh please.

One time some people in my class were getting really surprised cause this one guy finished a book in 5 days, and since I'm quiet I was just sitting in the corner like, I finish books like that in a day

Books taught me lots of things. So before you hate, see how many lives they've saved.

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I do have a problem. I can't stop buying books. Even when I have no room for them. No matter what arguments I make, I end up taking at least one book home. But hey, what better thing to spend your ...  The Biggest Bill You Should Be Paying: janeaustenrunsmylife.wordpress.com

The Biggest Bill You Should Be Paying

This is so me! My husband would always buy me a new bookshelf every time there were more books than shelves!


This is so accurate yesterday a friend was trying to see what book I was reading and I basically screamed "don't touch my book!

so true mr.dashner! I will always remeber #pg250

funny pics the maze runner they are professional killers. i love Dylan and Thomas alike

"Voir quelqu'un lire un livre que vous adorez, c'est voir un livre recommander une personne!"

Seeing someone reading a book you love is seeing a book recommend a person - haha so true!

No one interrupts me while I’m reading, no one… seriously

No one interrupts me while I’m reading, no one…

Especially when your reading Percy Jackson or Divergent Series<<< especially if it's a cute guy reading Jane Austen's


*cough cough* How to Train Your Dragon *cough*Percy Jackson*cough cough* Rise of the Guardians *cough* Harry Potter *cough* Pretty much everything *cough*

Kind of want to throat punch Gary Schmidt right now. Orbiting Jupiter seemed like a nice, cute read with some feels here and there....HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME?

this made me laugh ~Divergent~ ~Insurgent~ ~Allegiant~ or basically any other book I've read when main characters die

I tend to shout at the pages a lot...

Love that feeling. The only thing better, is the excitement and anticipation that I feel when I have TWO really good books to read and I can't decide which one to choose. Yes, I'm a nerd. I've been told.

Well come on boys come and get me because I am a girl who reads A LOT (but I don't know if I'm the only one who doesn't want to talk to anyone while crying about a character)

Funny pictures about Find a girl who reads. Oh, and cool pics about Find a girl who reads. Also, Find a girl who reads.