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teen wolf afbeelding

more like I hate you go die

I gave you that power because I loved you and trusted you completely. I have never been closer to anyone else and after everything we had been through, I never could imagine you could be so cold and heartless towards me.

I don't hate you. I hate the fact that I gave you the power to hurt me, and that's exactly what you Framed Quote

Writing Advice by Chuck Palahniuk | "Writing Advice: by Chuck Palahniuk In six seconds, you’ll hate me. But in six months, you’ll be a better writer. From this point forward—at least for the next half year—you may not use “thought” verbs. These include: Thinks, Knows, Understands, Realizes, Believes, Wants, Remembers, Imagines, Desires, and a hundred others you love to use.  The list should also include: Loves and Hates. And it should include: Is and Has, but we’ll get to those later.--"

Don't know that I agree with never doing this, but good to try to unpack things more and not doing "thesis statements"

Best of “That’s the evilest thing I can imagine” meme

Best of “That’s the evilest thing I can imagine” meme >>> the only one i hate is the bathroom trick.

I like how 10 agrees with what she says but 11 knows she's just saying that. He knows River loves him more than anything and by saying no you don't he lets her know he loves her too. <- Awwwww!

{I always loved that 10 says "I know" and 11 says "you don't" because for all 10 knew River really did hate him.

Very true, and something a lot of people tend to overlook. The whole is not always responsible for the part.

Imagine a world without Muslims…

"I hate Muslims". I really hate it down to my gut when someone is so racist. Terrorists are bad, yes. But not every Muslim is a terrorist! I've not dated guys or been friends with certain people because they said ignorant, racist shit like that.