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Nightscapes by Martin Stavars

Professionally Framed Paris Eiffel Tower and Carousel Photo Art Print Poster - with RichAndFramous Black Wood Frame


This picture represents the element of art, space. You can really tell that the Ferris wheel is farther behind the swings at the fair or carnival. You can tell that because the swings are layered on top of the Ferris wheel.


Remember when you were a child and the rides at the fairs or amusement parks seemed so long and large.

What to Pack for a Trip to Paris during November to January | My Blog

What to Pack for a Trip to Paris during November to January

The Eiffel Tower, Paris France. Went to the top at dusk in 2007 and watched the sun set. The tower is spectacular at night especially when it flashes with white lights each hour. It looks like a diamond sparkling!

Breathtaking photo

Image viaEiffel Tower I want to visit Paris eventually then i can scratch that off my bucket list.Eiffel Tower at night.where I lost partner one night.

Bagan Temples by ~CitizenFresh on deviantART

Bagan, formerly Pagan, is an ancient city in the Mandalay Division of Myanmar/Burma/.The ruins of Bagan cover an area of 16 square miles The m.

Plaza Lights http://www.fantasticplaces.com

Plaza Lights http://www.fantasticplaces.com