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Poop Shaped Pastry. But why?

pastry of fake poop with fake worms in it.

É fácil conseguir a atenção da namorada

É fácil conseguir a atenção da namorada

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Reminds me of my Grampa....who had STICK STRAIGHT hair! But he always jokingly said, "don't you just loooove my naturally curly hair?!"

Girls with curly hair rock! Mine is straight but I love naturally curly hair on girls AND boys.

Im sorry but I could not resist..all that is missing is nicki minaj...oh god cannot stop laughing

I laughed more than necessary, Lady GAGA, Rihanna and Britney Spears in 2045


'' I'm busy ,and she doesn't want your meat sandwich either, she is getting my meat just now you annoyingly innocent MOOD killing cunt !