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The expression of deep meditation (Not prayer)

Pure Reiki Healing - Chakra Amazing Secret Discovered by Middle-Aged Construction Worker Releases Healing Energy Through The Palm of His Hands. Cures Diseases and Ailments Just By Touching Them. And Even Heals People Over Vast Distances.

Give Sunday | 12

Give Sunday

HE asked me to dance, I said yes . My soul dances with the Lord , The LORD of the dance. God You and I dance.

Friends are like stars- Friendship quotes

I have no friends who live near me.my friends are all over other parts of the country and even in other parts of the world. This quote is so appropriate for those friends. We may be far from each other but we are still there for each other.

you are very special to me images - Пошук Google

Dear Friends, a vey special thank you for making this board so beautiful; your pins are always absolutely fabulous!



El cielo marca el camino

One of the more beautiful Milky Way photos I’ve seen. This one is taken over the two small towns of Gerlach and Empire, Nevada.

I am Blessed!

Ever had one of those days when you are just amazed and thankful for all the blessings you have in your life? I am feeling so peaceful and happy.and blessed!

Expressing your gratitude at work can make you a more effective leader. Lead with gratitude.

I am happy now. but every now and then there it is.. a flashback from something i want to forget so bad.

Feels like I live in a world of flashbacks. a song, and smell, a place, even just a word starts a flashback. they hurt.


Wayne Dyer Quotes: Worry Immobilizes - Free Yourself and live a better life.

∞ words ∞

Good morning my love! I hope you slept well! I love you so much baby! If you get a chance to talk or email please do. I miss you so much baby!