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One Trait That Will Allow You to Connect With Anyone: "Kindness. A smile. A warm hug. These are tools in our toolbox that give life to lifeless situations. It’s as if God installed in the firmware of humanity a language understood by everyone."
On Messy Moments and Blueberry Crisp...love the invitation to freedom and opening up the door for fellowship
Western Culture and It's Obsession with Excess. ARTICLE: The Socially Acceptable Sin    "All desire for excess stems from a lack of satisfaction. I’m not satisfied with my portion—be it the portion on my plate, in the marriage bed, or in my bank account. Because I’m not satisfied with my portion, I then seek a greater portion. But because every portion is a finite part of a finite whole, I am constantly chasing an excess that can never satisfy."
Desiring God '"Lenten Lights" Eight Biblical Devotions by Nicole Piper, to Prepare for Easter to be used weekly during Lent OR daily during Holy Week
My Utmost for His Highest by Oswald Chambers -- "The purpose of prayer is that we get ahold of God, not of the answer."
Finding Mr. Right | A miniseries of biblical and practical encouragement for young single women.. <3
"How to Stop Procrastination" You know you should do it. But you don't feel like doing it. At all.
Why We Need to Start Taking the Sabbath Seriously - Want to get more done? Start by doing nothing. | RELEVANT Magazine
What if I all I want is a small, slow, simple life? : interesting read