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The Lord Of The Rings: The Battle Of The Pelennor Fields. By Eugenia Weinstein.

Drawing Tolkien: Original illustrations for J.Tolkien's books, by Eugenia Weinstein.

impresionante... THE ONE RING

Lord of Rings. Across The Threshold by Sigmundur Thorgeirsson (aka Simmi)


Limited Edition ​The Fellowship of the Ring (LOTR) screenprint by Dan Mumford. In exclusivity with Warner. An official Lord of the Ring art print.

Viggo is sooooooo amazing!

Viggo Mortensen bonded so much with Uraeus (Brego in the film), the horse he rode in the Lord of the Rings series that after they finished filming, he purchased the horse from its owner. He also bought his stunt double's horse for stunt double!

Watching - by Unita Nightround

Lord of the Rings illustration [Watercolour, soft pastels, guash, brown pen.] love the dark tones in this illustration

Relatively Unknown LoTR Facts (Part 2) - Boromir

Relatively Unknown LoTR Facts (Part 2) - Boromir

Relatively Unknown LoTR Facts (Part - Boromir I cried at this. I loved Boromir, but was never able to explain why. This person does so perfectly.

Easy to use and great value too. a dream come true! the new collection of…

The hobbit BOTFA credits. These and the last goodbye together were horrible.

Here are some Lord of the Rings random facts // FINALLY some actual facts from the books!

You shall not pass!!

Gandalf - The Lord Of The Rings by Ayse Deniz - Gandalf - The Lord Of The Rings Painting - Gandalf - The Lord Of The Rings Fine Art Prints and Posters for Sale

weathered-tune:  Canis-Lupess - Approaching Caradhras

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