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Ahh mo-o-om! Black duiker #baby kiss <3

A mother's kiss The youngest member of the black duiker family, Rashidi, gets a kiss from his mother on Feb. 6 at the San Diego Zoo.

"HEY DINO! Gimme a big wet one!" #Kissies

A squirrel appears to give a toy dinosaur a kiss. The squirrel eyed up the plastic prehistoric toy on a garden table before moving in to give it a hug. It then leant over to plant a kiss on its mouth - all the while cradling the T-Rex’s head.

Cute alert: Baby elephant seal plants a surprise smacker on his pal

Cute alert: Baby elephant seal plants a surprise smacker on his pal

What happens when you turn a camera on a couple's first kiss? ...Couples of people who are total strangers to one another!

Wren Asks Strangers to Kiss Each Other for Fall Campaign

This cute black and white video by filmmaker Tatia Pilieva show strangers kissing for the first time. The short film called "First Kiss" captures an intimate moment, that mix of awkwardness and excitement, that is

Good night to you ;-)

Suzanne Lepage on

A lovely tender moment between two Eastern Screech Owls photographed by "Nature's Angle" . that awkward moment when she said 'love you'?

Zebra kisses. #Valentinesday #animals

Face to Face Zebra kisses. ducklings Juvenile White Ear Wild Animal Park, part of the San Diego Zoo.

Mommm... staahhhp.

♡ I'd give anything to have you give me a kiss once more Mom. I miss you so much with all my heart, xox ♡ Mother's love

Cat Owners Can Relate

Cat logic: if you're working on it, then I must sit on it.