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That’s the point,right?

Yes,Sir!I didn\'t see you at the camouflage practice today!Thank you, Sir!

20 Funny Military Punishments (Part 1)

20 Funny Military Punishments (Part 1

20 Funny Military Punishments (Part growing up military, this is absolutely hilarious

Sir, what if I step on a landmine

Sir, what if I step on a landmine?

If you step on a mine, just do the normal procedure - More Than Reality

Excuse the language but I just had to pin for the last one

Dammit Carl!

When you really wish the dog would take point …  Via Military Memes.

The 13 funniest military memes of the week

Just a few more hours until LIBO. To help you keep your noses clean until then, here are 13 funny military memes: Do not leave privates unsupervised for even a moment (via The Salty Soldier).