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Piercing Your Lentil Beads

Vid Using Piercing Wire to Make Lentil Bead Holes: After you have formed or rolled your polymer clay lentil beads, let them sit for a while before

Piercing lentil-shaped beads.  Hole piercing through lentil without distorting the bead. #Polymer #Clay #Tutorials

Hole piercing through lentil without distorting the bead.

Scrap Clay Lentil Beads

Vid About Using Scrap Polymer Clay To Make Unique Lentil Bead Designs: If you're like me, you probably have a big ball of unbaked clay made up of

Lentil Bead Making Tutorial Video

Polymer Clay Lentil Beads – Making Them Can Be Very Addictive

Polymer Clay Beadmaking Tips

Don't Have a Piece of Acrylic for Rolling Lentil Beads? Use an Old CD Case: My favorite tool for making lentil beads is the piece of acrylic plexiglas

Making beads with stripes (in French, good pix).  The post links to several other methods. #polymer #clay #tutorial

Align the spaghetti on a very thin sheet of dough, cut the edges, 6 - Place the roller to crush a little dough,

SKJ ancient bead art | item description | beadart6

Beautiful knot worked necklace of decorated & plain ancient world carnelian beads.