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The lives of millions of dogs are set to change for the better.  http://www.worldanimalprotection.us.org/#

The goal has been agreed. By rabies will be consigned to the history books without the use of cruel culling.

Foto: Vídeo Imagem/Youtube

Foto: Vídeo Imagem/Youtube


Breeders don't care about us. And Rescuers are already overwhelmed. Please adopt a homeless dog. Their life depends on it.

Nakio is the wold's first dogs with four prosthetic legs. The dog lost all four legs to frostbite when abandoned by his owners as a puppy. Thankfully  Nakio was rescued, however he was having a rough time supporting himself  due to his obvious handicap. A place named Orthopets like him so much that they gave Nakio this full set of prosthetics which the dog is now adjusting to nicely.

Nakio, a mixed-breed dog, has 4 artificial legs after losing all paws and part of his tail from frostbite after being abandoned as a puppy in a cold cellar. What spirit & heart this dog has, after all he went through. Just love this animal.

You can save thousands of dogs from unspeakable pain by adding your name to Soi Dog’s global petition. It calls on Thailand’s leaders to crack down hard on the criminals who profit from the agony of animals. Please pass this along and sign it.

*Help shut down the illegal dog meat trade in Thailland. Petition a crackdown on dog meat traders.

U can`t even imagine how important is every piece of your heart.....

An old man was going for a walk, when he noticed a little boy feeding a thin, shaggy looking dog with bits of bread. He went up to the boy and asked him why he was sharing his bread with the dogs.

El video de este perrito siendo adoptado es tan emocionante que no podrás dejar de verlo

Death Row Dog’s Intense Reaction To Getting Adopted Will Make Your Entire Week

The Best kind of Friend is a Praying Friend!

The Internet Can Have Their Cats, We Love Our Dogs (18 Photos)

These dogs who understand the true meaning of friendship.

This photo was shared on the internet with statements that it was photoshopped http://progettoquasi.it/  I knew both statements were untrue. That dog had the same physical shape as Cuda. I finally tracked the dog down and learned her name was Quasi and she lived in Italy. I struck up an online friendship with her owner, Fabiana Rosa, and she explained to me that Quasi and Cuda shared a condition known as "short spine syndrome

This dog is not born that way, this dog is not a monster, this dog is not a mutant! This dog is a poor victim of human cruelty. He spent major part of his growth years cramped inside a small cage and as a result his body could not develop properly.

Vicktory Dog Cherry Undergoes Amputation; 24 Hours Later, He Walks Like A Champion

Vicktory Dog Cherry Undergoes Amputation; 24 Hours Later, He Walks Like A Champion

After dealing with the pain of arthritis for a long time, Cherry has undergone an amputation that will make his life pain-free.

Border Collie Pup ~

11 Bright Facts About Border Collies

BUT NO ONE CAME FOR ME...Saving ONE animal won't change the world but it will change the world for THAT ONE animal

Stop animal abuse.these poor animals don't deserve to be treated like your trash! Like this if you're against animal abuse!