My great great grandfathers on Dad & Moms side of the family <3

L-R: Haungooah or Silver Horn (Kiowa), Frank Rush (owner of Craterville Park in Oklahoma), Tsaitokey or Tsatoke or Hunting Horse (Kiowa) - before the death of Frank Rush in 1933

Kiowa family.

Eonah-pah (Trailing the Enemy) and wife - Kiowa - 1870 Stumbling Bear - Kiowa - 1870 Gui-Kati (Sleeping Wolf) - Kiowa - 1872 Guipago (Lone Wolf) - Kiowa - 1872 Satanta (White Bear) - Kiowa -

A Kiowa woman wearing a traditional dress decorated with beadwork, a necklace of bone beads and hair ornaments of rabbit fur and beadwork. | © Lindsay Hebberd/Corbis

Beautiful Kiowa Woman wearing a Traditional Dress decorated with Beadwork, a Necklace of Bone Beads and Hair Ornaments of Rabbit Fur and Beadwork.

AMAZINGLY AWESOME!!!!!! I can NOT wait to try this!!!!!!! I'm getting inspired to find my old rebels back from when I did kid photography for my nanny agency ads... :)))

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