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The more I deal with creationists the more I become convinced they simply have a script prepared and they ask questions on this script with the expectation they won't or can't be answered on the grounds that their interpretation of their preferred holy book can't be wrong. It would explain why they become defensive and start projecting their own failings and attitudes onto their opponents when those questions are answered.

I wouldn't recommend Christians getting into a research-based debate with atheists since our stance on religious subjects is based on research and evidence (or lack therof).

Im sorry that my disapproval of your behavior & sense of entitlement makes you uncomfortable.

SORRY NOT SORRY. Im sorry that my disapproval of your behavior & sense of entitlement makes you uncomfortable.

When my mom gets emotional about "always" I'm like don't even start bcuz you didn't even read the books

I hate snape still so much<--------- FUCK YOU channel your hate for a man who had to protect the child of his love and his bully into the BEEEYYAAATCH who had students carve out their HANDS for picking their nose!

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Haha I am amazed at some people's sense of entitlement.you didn't work for it.but you think you deserve it? Um ok

We don't need feminism we just need people to actually do shit that makes sense

HEY, its true! If its ok that a girl's bra strap is visible(by accident ir intentionally), then shouldnt it be ok if a boy's underwear is visible(accidentally or intentionally)?Because it isnt

Being a certain race/gender/social class/religion never makes you a problem. It is people who are biased against certain of these that are the problem.

As a white female I am very tired of hearing what a entitled racist I am when I am firmly for equality.<<<As a straight girl, I'm tired of hearing that I must be homophobic while I'm strongly against homophobia