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Google Image Result for http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/81/Casina_Valadier_051112-45.JPG

Google Image Result for http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/8/81/Casina_Valadier_051112-45.JPG

Julia Margaret Cameron, Iago, Study from an Italian. Believed to depict Angelo Colarossi, 1867

Julia Margaret Cameron’s 1867 photograph “Iago, Study from an Italian”, identified by Colin Ford as Angelo Colarossi.

The cover of an early Italian edition of the music and words for Puccini's opera Madama Butterfly

Puccini, Madama Butterfly

Puccini Madame Butterfly Opera Poster available in small to very large sizes, framed in period appropriate frames and unframed - Unique Wall Art — made in USA by MUSEUM OUTLETS

Hiking and History in Italy. Here among the jagged peaks and sheer pastel walls of this ancient range of the Alps, where many cultures had coexisted for centuries, soldiers on both sides built networks of bolted-down steel cables, called via ferrata (iron path), to move supplies quickly—and for other missions, too. “

Hiking and history in the Italian Dolomites >> Photograph by Patitucci Photo

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Paintings like this were very popular in the renaissance era. Leonardo da Vinci paintings appear all over wealthy buildings.

El invento el primer aparato volador. Que lamentablemente no funciono. Pero de ahí se inventaron los aviones de ahora.

Leonardo da Vinci’s plans for an ornithopter, a flying machine kept aloft by the beating of its wings;

geologic rock layer soil diagram - Google Search

Texas Bureau of Economic Geology: The Big Bend of the Rio Grande: A Guide to the Rocks, Geologic History, and Settlers of the Area of Big Bend National Park (Geology, Place Names, and Legends)

Portrait of Ernest Hemingway as an American Red Cross volunteer during World War I, Milan, Italy

American author Ernest Hemingway in dressed in the uniform of an ambulance driver for the International Red Cross during World War I, where he was stationed on the Italian front. (He almost looks like Yon Gonzalez in this photo.