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NaLu, Lucy dies

It will never ever happen. First why would Lucy or Natsu die! N besides it's too not Fairy Tail. I don't ship NaLu n don't want this to happen. <<< You ship Nalu don't lie to yourself Nalu is perfect

Nalu and Gruvia | kids | next generation | Frozen | you burned your house down again

Gray and juvias kid in the snowman outfit was soooo cute! Lol with natsu having to ask to live with gray! <<<Flipping gray dressed as Elsa!

galevy is my fuckin' otp

Angstmas Entry by blanania on DeviantArt I love this artist and GaLe

NaLu moment by DSM164 on @DeviantArt

This is my favourite part in lucy fire episode and there were lot of Nalu moments in that episode. Must watch

Natsu wants Lucy ^.^

Fairy Tail Natsu wanting to rescue lucy-this just shows how much Natsu cares about her, the had to tie him to a pole the Master had to use his magic to smash him because he got loose

Jerza... YAY!!!

Jerza... YAY!!!