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Truest facts ever.

Valuable charts full of very true facts. Yet the amount of time spent on this is hilarious!

Listed here are ten of the funniest Pinoy business names that exist around the metro and Philippine provinces.

Hahaha for those of you that don't speak Spanish... Life is like a box of chocolates. I have nine boxes haha

Forest Gump: Life is like a box of chocolate. Cat: I have got 9 boxes !

A family that Trolls together stays together.

I could see my dad doing this to me. he used to prank call me all the time. I would do this to my kid lol

Compound Pinterest:  The amount of money you save by not actually buying anything you pin, added to the money you are not spending because you no longer have free time to shop. (by WTFPinterest.com)

too funny.too true. Need to add all the money you save because you don't actually make the things you were going to try right away.

Not through my blood, but through my heart!...You know you're Filipino If....Too funny!

Filipino Stereotypes

You know you're Filipino if.well, I am not Filipino, but already doing many of these because of learned habbit na!

Thankfully, I've never felt this way about my work, but it still made me laugh insanely.

I love my current job but this hilarious! That disappointing moment when you pull up to work and it isn't fully engulfed in flames

Scottish Humor  Stupid Joke - SEXY Man!!!

So, a man walks into a bar with a monkey. I forgot the rest of the joke, but your mom is a whore. Those SNL Jeopardy skits were the best!

BINISAYA UG UBAN PA: Bisaya jokes 11, 2016

Sa summer class gipangutana ug balik and studyante: Maestra: Alright class throw back question ni ha.