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Bacon Bandages - When I saw this picture, I was surprised about to see a bacon strips cut to look like small slabs of bacon in a bandages box? who wana use this bi.

bacon stuff

For Father's Day! LOL This bacon collection will fill every void in your bacon-loving dad’s life. It comes with bacon lollipops, bacon soap, and bacon air fresheners.

Image from http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Blasphemy_efda22_1336352.jpg.

Funny pictures about Nothing says Christmas like a pork manger. Oh, and cool pics about Nothing says Christmas like a pork manger. Also, Nothing says Christmas like a pork manger.

I like bacon as much as the next person, but REALLY? Bacon Air Freshener???EWE!  Take the smell of bacon with you in your car and/or office.

This is a Bacon Scented Air Freshener. For someone who really loves bacon, this could make your day.

Bacon Air Freshener | www.OfftheWagonShop.com

Bacon air freshener

Freshen the air with that yummy bacon greasy scent! Check out all our other unusual bacon gifts.

Kevin Bacon made from bacon -- amazing! Who thinks of these art mediums?

From the Department of Awesome Inevitabilities comes a portrait of actor Kevin Bacon made out of, yes, bacon. Mosaic artist Jason Mecier used 15 pounds of bacon to create this portrait: “ “I used.

Who cares what is inside....it is bacon wrapping paper!

Bacon Wrapping Paper

Unique Gifts and Bacon Wrapping Paper at Perpetual Kid. Your gift will be the talk of the party with our Bacon Wrapping Paper. Anyone receiving a gift wrapped

Hyper Realistic Bacon Scarf

Hyper Realistic Bacon Scarf

Bacon lovers can now rejoice.Zurich-based Swiss artist Natalie Luder has created a realistic bacon scarf that will have the mouths of meat lovers watering. Can order on her website for 160 Brit Pounds.

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Band Aids were invented 135 years ago today! National Band Aid Day may be the most unappreciated day in the world. Very few people stop to think about the man who created Band aids, the little miracle

Price of Bacon Set to Soar, Baby

I Love Bacon! by Jayne Rockmill Features more than 50 bacon-themed recipes from some of Americas hottest chefs!

Bacon Air Freshener

This unlikely Bacon Air Freshener is the perfect way to brighten any carnivore's day. Put one up in the family room and everyone will have a sudden craving for a BLT. Each has a handy string for hanging and measures about cm) tall.