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Lotr, Children

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Gondor calls for aid!yep that just Gordon Ramsey<<< Gondor Ramsey XD

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Nothing is impossible when the pirates of the Caribbean theme plays in the background.

If go for a walk with him O.o I'd stop and look at everything with him

It makes so much sense! I really wish I could have met him, his perspective on life and his intense imagination inspires me so much

| n o b l e • m a i d e n • o f • r i v e n d e l l |

Fun fact: I grew up riding horses from the age of four. My dad also grew up on an Arabian horse farm.

| n o b l e • m a i d e n • o f • r i v e n d e l l |

| n o b l e • m a i d e n • o f • r i v e n d e l l |

Fangorn Wish it was my backyard! Don't worry, I'd build a fence ;)

Fangorn was my favorite place in middle earth besides edoras and the shire << And the misty mountains