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Retail Robin bahaha staring at me from across the store is not the same as asking for help. "That's nice. That'll be..." Allllll day long. Hahahahah

I could add to this list, reads your name off your tag and asks if you work there. Joys of retail

Go home!!! You should not be waiting outside at 6am waiting for us to open. Don't you got work or something you could be going to

Or when it's a super beautiful day out, one of the nicest we've had all yr, and its packed--like come on people, why are you not outside?

Where's the batteries? Possibly under that huge battery in the corner, but who knows for sure!

I once had a lady ask me where the pool was when she walked around it to get to me. I just pointed at the pool and tried not to laugh.

sometimes, with my customer base, it is normal for some to not hear me  at first; but then there are those that I KNOW hear me and are just choosing to be unknown. yeah, I REALLY wanted to bug you with that question, sorry I HAVE to do this so you can't complain that I didn't acknowledge your existence...we can't all win! lol

In my head: yeah, f-ck you too. first customer I had today actually did this. He felt it was more important to read a magazine instead.


Or customers who randomly come up to me and start asking questions while I'm helping another customer. RUDE MUCH?