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Illustrations: My illustrations: Creatures from Strange Places

(A woodcut done in Photoshop.

This is definitely a strange place

simple japanese cartoon art style illustration of underwater landscape the explorers Neiko Ng, delicate and lovely with all the floral like detail, and moody colors

Finding Love in Strange Places poster illustration for Reality Not Included: Vol 2 Kickstarter campaign rewards.

My friends from BYU successfully Kickstarted the second volume of their art anthology Reality Not Included! One of the project heads, Christopher Hayes, asked me to create an poster that would be given to backers. While searching for inspiration,.

Makes me think of the strange rock formations on the island in Call of Cthulhu. A portal to strange realms?

Photography by Karezoid Michal Karcz

escapekit: “ Otherworldly Landscapes Polish photographer Michał Karcz has used a combination of photography and digital manipulation techniques to create a series of breathtaking landscapes pulled straight out of his “dreams, desire, imagination and.

Here to There Art Print - Greg Abbott

Here to There Art Print - Greg Abbott Monster themed colourful piece for the kid's room or nursery

How does the addition of floral print to this scene transform the mood? by Guy Catling.  (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media )

black and white photos with fabric-like overlays by Guy Catling. (Collage / Digital Art / Mixed Media ) (What if the helmets reflected the personalities of the soldiers)

Illustration: Chong FeiGiap

Illustration: Chong FeiGiap - Knallbunte Digital Paintings aus Asien

Discover the colorful art of Chong FeiGiap, a Malaysian artist, co-founder of Running Snail Studio.

Desert-Haven by ArtofTy on deviantART via PinCG.com

Fulgurite is key, to opening the hidden door in Agnistead which leads to the Vaults. The vaults hold all knowledge, of all that has passed, all that is, and all that ever shall be.

Ranking movies or TV shows is easy compared to more traditional art. There are a finite amount of scifi TV shows and movies you can watch, but pop culture art is damn near infinite. Every sliver of the internet is chock-full of it, not to mention the professional galleries, poster companies, on and on.

The Absolute Coolest Pop Culture Art of 2016

"Home is wherever I’m with you~"

Home is wherever I’m with you~<<<<<<*screaming internally* *screaming externally* *silent judging from onlookers* *continued screaming*

Landscapes with strange ruins are a favorite subject of British illustrator Bruce Pennington.

"One of my favorite scifi art pieces by Bruce Pennington. This painting is on the cover of the Dutch translation of Philip Dick's 'Now Wait For Last Year'. I absolutely love it :)" ~previous pinner

Juanjo Guarnido - L'extraordinaire et Intemporel Blog de Cronos

Le top des westerns récents - L'extraordinaire et Intemporel Blog de Cronos

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