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Obama shut it down. ❣Julianne McPeters❣ no pin limits

Ted Cruz is so completely deluded - he's quite possibly mis-diagnosed mentally retarded. If he wasn't such a /&¿%« I might actually pity the guy.

As soon as President Obama was elected, the racists stopped pretending they weren't.

White Supremacist Who Influenced Charleston Suspect Donated to 2016 G.O.P. Campaigns

So very accurate. As soon as President Obama was elected, the racists stopped pretending they weren't.

http://pronewsonline.com Just another Picture that reflects Obama NOT Showing his support for america...this happens alot in the pictures I see of Obama and his wife Michelle...Ever stop to wonder"WHY"...they don't place their hand on their hearts??Or show the slightest Respect for the American Flag?? Obama is a POS!

The 22 Most Misleading Viral Photos (Explained)

Notice he shows no respect for our flag,impeach him.and kick him in the butt.he is a disrespectful little maggot.

Just speaking the truth here.

Looked it up. It's a fact! The Trump effect doesn't begin until October In fact, if you read about all those jobs Trump "created" you will notice that the "deals" were made months PRIOR to the election.

All Brought to You by Republican Policies...and they believe the American people are so dumb that they keep insisting that these policies work despite proof to the contrary. "Don't believe what you see with your own eyes...believe what we're telling you."

"Know what else Obama inherited from Bush? trillion of debt, unemployment, 2 middle east oil wars, deregulated unstable wallstreet, upside down taxes more you make less you pay.

All the Republicans have done so far is bitch about gay marriage and want yet another war !!!

OK, Republicans, please proceed. (aka giving someone enough rope to hang themselves.