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Mitologia :: Kukulkan-Quetzalcoatl-Gukumatz.jpg picture by sinnlitx - Photobucket

Kukulkan (/kuːkuːlˈkän/) ("Plumed Serpent", "Feathered Serpent") is the name of a Maya snake deity that also serves to designate historical persons.

Quetzalcoatl, la serpiente emplumada y dios en muchas culturas prehispánicas, intepretado de muchsimas formas tamaños y colores, pero esta vez tendra que ser a lapiz y muy limitado pues apenas voy ...

Tattoo design commission for a stellar guy who came across my previous Quetzalcoatl design and wanted something similar.

This will be on my left Bicep, this will also have some personal customizations.

Last pinner-This started as a sketch of my cat and evolved into much more. I have a love for henna patterns and they made their way into this doodle.