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Although his jokes are so bad, you can't help it but to laugh, because he's so cute. Here are 14 of the best * cough worst cough* jokes he has ever told.

I used to think I was #indecisive but now I'm #NotSure #LetsGetWordy #BadPunDog

So ridiculous but am LMAO - ICU doctors do have a really sick sense of humour - they say it's on account of losing so many patients - I'd say! 7 in 7 days is a bit of a shock to my system! - think they are rubbing off on me!

I think the dog's face is what makes it so funny

People wonder what the X-ray specialist wonders what he saw in her when he married one of his patients


A Bad Pun Dog meme. Caption your own images or memes with our Meme Generator.

These dogs puns are so bad... you’ll be begging for mercy. Zing!!

Worst Puns Ever That Are Doggone Hilarious The More You Read Them. The Funnier They Get. You ever heard a joke so corny that it made you lol, well these are tho