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Cebu is known around the world for its beautiful beaches. Get to know some under the radar beaches on the island that will surely make your vacation.
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Philippine Street Foods, visualized. The country has quite a few snacks on offer even though the street food culture isn't as pronounced as, say, Thailand or Vietnam. I liked how this poster showcased them all in visual form!
Tumalog Falls, Cebu, Philippines
Filipinas es uno de los mejores paraísos** del mundo para bucear. Philippines - Tropical Underwater Wonder World
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Philippines map......Dr. Viccencio is Glebe and lives in Manhattan.  She said Esrailda and the kids can move in with her.  I thought it was a good idea.  I like Estailda and her 2 daughters are cute but the older one is mean but the younger one is cute and happy like Esrailda.