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rasta girl and beautiful hair

My life long dream is to finally get dreads. In actuality, it'll always just be a dream lol

I’ve got a lot of questions about how I make some of my dreadlock updos, so I’m going to share how to do it here! =) 1. Here you can see my dreadlocks are just hanging straight, I’ve run my fingers...

Do you want to learn how to make this creative dreadlock bun? Down below you will find the full tutorial both in pictures and also a video on how you can do th

Today is week five day two! Faerielocks! #fairydreads #wonderdreads #dreadlocks

Don't really like the pot leaf, but love the idea of the bun holder. I have a very cool jade butterfly one that I haven't been able to use yet

#Dreads #Dreadstyle #Hair the freedome of dreadlocks

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