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Some Memories Are Timeless

Some Memories Are Timeless

Eternal Ink: I Am Done With People Who Fail To Understand My Perspective Of Life

I am done with people who fail to understand my perspective of life and who do not understand my intellect of looking at the world. I wa.

Eternal Ink: I Will Be Always Be Right Here Waiting For You

I have to gather my emotional courage and allow you to go your way.

Eternal Ink: Soul~Mates

A soul mate connection is the most inexplicable connections of all. The most fascinating thing about soul mates is that they connect like .

Eternal Ink: A Man Can Reveal The Beautiful Side Of A Woman with His love

A loyal man can reveal a beautiful side of a woman that he never knew existed. There is a sense of emotional security which no other woman.

Eternal Ink

I will never blame you for our break up. We both were equally responsible for it. Now that we are miles apart and we are not in each other.