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World Development: 17 Topics to Brainstorm Perhaps sci fi ideas to use.?

World Development: 17 Topics to Brainstorm. Orson Scott Card's Shadow series has some fantastic futuristic world building based off of current events today. Gives some cool ideas

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30-Day Character Design Challenge #artprompts

30-Day Character Design Challenge

a random generator for gender, sexuality, number of previous partners, relationship status, and kinks for more developed characters.

Here is a quick and easy way to make sure your story is rich with realistic and 3-dimensional characters!

The NaNoWrimo Success Series: How To Create Characters Using The MBTI Method

Laura Mizvaria | Sir Writesalot: Ultimate Character Questionnaire

For older students--Fictional Character Development Questionnaire. If you can answer all these, you've got a complex and realistic character.

For Character Development and Plot Inspiration| A Writer's List of SUPERSTITIONS

A Writer's List of Superstitions, For Character Development and Plot Inspiration from Bryn Donovan

The Character Questionnaire on Unclean Arts

A list of questions on which to build your character's psychology and backstory to make them as real as you possibly can.